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About Us

Woods Pharmacy Pte Ltd was founded by Ms. Rusana Banu, a Registered Pharmacist, graduated with BSc Pharmacy (Hons) from National University of Singapore. She has worked as a Community Pharmacist for 5 years in a chain pharmacy in Singapore before founding Woods Pharmacy.

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She loves being a Community Pharmacist as it allows her to be in front-line, to provide primary healthcare for customers. In a Community Pharmacy setting, she is easily available to assist customers and also have time to interact with them to understand their needs better & to recommend the right health products for them. Besides advice on medications, she conducts Blood Pressure and Random Blood Glucose Checks and counsels on Smoking Cessation, Diabetes Care, Weight Management & provide appropriate suggestions for Health Supplements. Also, she dispenses Pharmacy and Prescription medications and conducts Medication Review from the Customers' Medication List. It helps to identify any drug-related problems, medication interactions and dose adjustments that needs to be discussed with their Physicians.  Working in an Independent Pharmacy gives her the flexibility to meet customers’ needs and obtain the required medicines and health products quickly and efficiently,  even for those health products not commonly available in the Retail Sector. 


Marsiling Mall, Singapore.

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